What do you think AOL should do with Love.com?

Years ago, Tim Armstrong (Chairman and CEO of AOL) was going to speak at a conference and his interviewer asked (I think either on Facebook or on Twitter) what questions he should ask (if memory serves me right, this was long before AOL acquired the Huffington Post). I responded by asking something like: “When is AOL going to wake up and start using some of it’s premium domain names?”

Well, years and many hundreds of millions of investments in nonsense websites (like HuffPo) later, they’re apparently still asleep. Yesterday I posted a question on Facebook and asked some of my friends to name some of the most significant concepts they can think of. Presently (not surprisingly), “love” is at the top of the list.

Now let me speak very clearly here: Love.com belongs to AOL’s formidable portfolio of domain names… — and not only that: so does love.net. The company is sitting on top of the most prized concepts worldwide in not only 1 but the 2 premiere generic top level domains and they are doing… (*drum roll, please*)… (*more drum roll, please*)… they are doing… — … — … NOTHING. (*cymbol crash*)

In my opinion Tim Schumacher should have been fired years ago — this guy apparently has no brains whatsoever. If someone has a domain name like that, then it needs to be on every top 10 list of the most “whatever” websites on the planet… — but today it remains: nothing (other than a redirect to the AOL homepage).

This is beyond a doubt the most significant concept on the planet. You could have 100 columnists with love advice answering questions daily, hourly, by the minute,… — or maybe even in “realtime”? You could have countless hours of talk shows, gossip astrology, hocus pocus, … — I don’t care: WHATEVER!

But to own the domain name “love” twice and still do nothing with them is simply preposterous. AOL, you have a moral obligation to DO SOMETHING with these domain names.

So my question to everyone: Could you please help out AOL? Please, wake them up! Make them a cup of coffee, talk with them, be calm and considerate, give tips, act like a friend… — but in the end: Tell them to get off their asses and finally do something!!!

Thanks! :)

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