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Susan Bratton @ PersonalLifeMedia has shared an interesting post shared within her PLM member community: “Should You Withhold Approval To Get Her To Want You More?” Here’s an excerpt from her post:

Deep in my heart I have always felt that it is right to show your full love and sincerely compliment your girlfriend all day, and I feel week [sic] to have given in to my fear and allowed myself to restrain my love.

Still, I think most of our girlfriends have been, at some point, deeply attracted to someone who weren’t that considerate and didn’t love them at all. The classic “bad boy” phenomenon.

I think many men AND women are afraid their partner will love them less or be less attracted unless they show some disinterest at times.

Will you please clarify why the “bad boy” strategy seemingly “works” and how that relates to the mindset in yours and Calle’s products?

Definitely: Go and read the whole post!

I think much of the insights apply to many kinds of relationships, not just those between intimate partners. ;)

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