Wrong means someone has made a mistake that they can learn from, never learning from a mistake because you never see a wrong is something people can walk away from

That’s a quote from my very good friend Emily — who I miss more than I can tell (even though I have never met her “in real life”).

I’m happy we were able to connect again today, and I also hope for many more days like this one — she is a totally amazing person IMO, and I am super-jealous of everyone who gets to spend more time with her than I do.

By the way: In case you’re wondering — yea, I think I’m the one people “can walk away from”… (and since I am free to see my own “wrongs” * — or not — I  guess that means it’s my decision).

I think Emily is 100% genius.

* I am the one who said I feel wrong/inadequate; in other words: she wasn’t “putting me down

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