“As long as the secret courts are making sure the secret police obey the secret laws, our democracy is safe”

That quote is from a wonderful and entertaining presentation recommended by Matt Mullenweg. Some more “quoteworthy” quotes:

  • The only way to keep user information safe is not to store it.
  • These are all situations where users who were rigorous about keeping their online and real identity separate found themselves kneecapped by a service that suddenly violated its promise of privacy.

However, the conclusion is unfortunately weak. I would call this problem “Schrödinger’s Web”: You cannot measure, assess, or correct the failing vitality of the Web on the level of content — you can only do this at the level of the container… and IMHO the problem at the container level is mostly down to the widespread illiteracy among users (which providers such as Google and Facebook actually aim to exploit). My campaign slogan for a better fix (or rather against this crappy fix) would be: Don’t even attempt to solve externalities from “thinking inside the box”.

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