The Difference Between Wanting to be Wanted, and Knowing What You Want

In “the art of praising 42 year old women“, Justine Musk raises some interesting issues revolving around caring for/about other people. One issue she sidesteps, though, is appreciating the happiness of other people.

Some people say to “surround yourself with positive people” — I have many problems with this approach to interacting (or not interacting) with others. You would have to be living under a rock not to understand that the feelings other people have are related to how we behave ourselves — so perhaps the positivity / negativity of others is merely a reflection of who we ourselves are, how we behave, etc.

Justine also mentions the concepts “independence” and “interdependence”. I have never like these terms very much. Years ago, I made up the term “interreliance“, in order to emphasize how each person’s well-being sort of relies on the well-being of others.

In any case, check out Justine’s post — it also raises many issues I have not addressed here.

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